New! Panama Janson Geisha, Apple/Floral

New! Panama Janson Geisha, Apple/Floral

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Wonderful news! Our GEISHA variety coffee has won the 2nd Prize in the Best of Panama 2013.

GEISHA is a variety that has attained world recognition after it was discovered in several farms in the region of Boquete.

The GEISHA coffee tree is very different from other traditional varieties. It grows taller, has less foliage, there is a longer distance between the nodes. The fruit is larger, flatter and almost rectangular. And there is much less yield in production.

GEISHA has a very complex aromatics with a jasmine fragrance, very high acidity with sweet and citrus flavours. It does not resemble any other traditional coffees.

Geisha coffee that has won multiple times at "Best of Panama" with strong fruity notes

咖啡界的XO!巴拿馬Peterson家族2004年第一次把藝伎品種帶給大家,自此大家開始瘋狂對Geisha追求!2013年巴拿馬精品咖啡協會頒發最優良巴拿馬咖啡獎,這就是詹森莊園藝伎品種!這莊園50%以上是種植Geisha咖啡, 並且是巴拿馬Geisha產量第二多的莊園。莊園將優勢條件展出藝伎出最完美的風味表現。

2023年世界咖啡師大賽冠軍使用豆同莊園. 2023年BoP比賽日曬藝伎組季軍, 2023年BoP比賽水洗藝伎組第5名, 2020年BOP日曬Pacamara冠軍, 2019年BOP日曬Pacamara亞軍.

Description of Flavor:

Floral ,Apple, Red Grape, Pineapple, Plum, Juice, Red Wine

Very Balance, Very Clean Cup and Long Aftertaste

回甘度高, 清晰度高, 平衡度高

Recommended Use:

Pour Over, Syphon, Cold Brew, Iced Dripper, Espresso